Case Study – Kristin L. Thompson, US Bank


As Vice President of the Special Needs Trust Group at US Bank, Kristin L. Thompson holds the decision-making authority over what can and cannot be paid out of the trust. Given the nature of the Special Needs Trust Group, these decisions often involve medical and quality-of-life interventions that can reap long-term benefits for her clients. And indeed, working alongside guardians, care-givers, and family members of disabled peoples, Kristin has seen firsthand the often immediate and liberating consequences of her decisions, especially for those who rely on the trust. In other words, there’s a lot at stake in Kristin’s job, and it is for precisely this reason that she weighs every decision as carefully as possible.


One crucial decision she made involved finding a DME catastrophic care company for her clients, one that made big-picture economic sense for the trust while providing the kind of quality that improves clients’ lives. As Kristin said, “My goal was to find a quality product for the least amount of money. Conservation of trust funds was the ultimate goal. Quality of service or superiority of product also came into consideration.” While Kristin did plenty of research to find the right DME catastrophic care company, it was during a chance encounter that she learned about Designed Living. While on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, she witnessed firsthand the work that Designed Living does: “I saw the integrity within the company and their high values and morals.” After the mission trip, she realized that Designed Living could be a vital asset to the work that she does, so she decided to reach out to us for assistance.


Kristin now works with Designed Living four to five times a year, and she couldn’t be happier. While she once had to find the right cost-to-quality balance for the services and products her clients needed by herself, she now turns to Designed Living for help. She especially appreciates the contacts and business relationships that Designed Living brings to the table—connections that she did not previously possess. These connections have been so useful that Designed Living has become her “main go-to,” especially when it comes to special projects.


Kristin mentioned one project in particular that exemplifies her experiences with Designed Living. A client needed an in-home lift system for her disabled child. It was through Designed Living’s contractor working alongside the client, that her child’s needs were more than met. The lift system offered just the right balance of cost-to-quality. According to Kristin, after installation, Designed Living followed-up with the client to make sure that the new lift was working just right.


It is a combination of experiences like this one, the time she saves, and what she calls “excellent” customer service, that keep Kristin and US Bank relying upon the work that Designed Living does.


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