Case Study – Kerry Stutzman, Health Care Consultants of Arizona


As a nurse case manager and owner of Health Care Consultants of Arizona, Kerry Stutzman has her feet firmly planted in two worlds. In one of these worlds, she’s a nurse, first and foremost. She assesses patient needs and works to ensure they receive necessary treatments on a daily basis. Because she often works with the elderly community, this work can involve arranging treatment for physical ailments as well as psychological impairments like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In the other world, Kerry does the work of a case manager, making the best arrangements she can with the available budgets. As such, she often works with catastrophic, elder, psychiatric, and pediatric care providers on the behalf of her clients.


Nurse case managing is a challenging and rewarding job, one that Kerry thrives in. Her favorite part? The people. As she puts it, “I love meeting new clients, listening to their stories, and meeting their families. I enjoy working with a variety of people in complex circumstances. It’s never the same thing twice and it never gets old.”


One of the biggest challenges in Kerry’s work arises when budget issues present themselves and resources are scarce. How to make the most of the budgets available often stands at the center of what Kerry does. It is for this reason that she has chosen Designed Living as her preferred DME catastrophic care company for her patients. When asked what she was looking for in a company like Designed Living, she said, “Excellent customer service. People I can get on the phone that know what they are talking about. People that will follow up, follow through, and make sure clients get the right equipment for a decent price.” After working with Designed Living for nearly one year, Kerry has found just what she was looking for.


She gives most of the credit to Designed Living employee, Julie Gladney. Whatever Kerry has needed for a client—shower chairs, oxygen equipment, sleep apnea monitors, room care supplies, monthly orders, and more—Julie has been able to supply it, and at a competitive price. Kerry said she especially appreciates the time Julie takes for follow-up and follow-through.


Kerry also knows firsthand what happens when a DME catastrophic care company does not stay on top of things. The company Kerry worked with before Designed Living did not do follow through, and they sometimes provided supplies that were either of poor quality or flat out wrong. An especially glaring example involved a walker for one of her clients. The company sent the wrong one, and it took over twenty calls from Kerry to straighten out the matter.


Now, with Designed Living services and the help of committed employees like Julie Gladney, Kerry doesn’t have to deal with those types of issues anymore. She now has seen what excellent DME catastrophic care looks like, and she’s never going back to anything less.


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