Benefits of Working with a Nurse Case Manager

Benefits of Working with a Nurse Case Manager

In many ways, nurse case managers straddle two worlds: the medical and the legal. In the medical world, they function as healthcare professionals concerned with providing the best possible care for the patient. In the legal world, they navigate the often complex laws and statutes that establish the parameters of the patient’s rights and available services. By attending to both worlds simultaneously, a nurse case manager fights for the injured employee’s justifiable medical needs and procedures while streamlining communication between all involved parties: providers, adjusters, injured employees and employers. Hired by the claimant’s employer, a nurse case manager effectively balances the patient’s best care with the employer’s best outcomes—meaning timely and cost-effective treatment that returns the employee back to work as soon as it is medically justified.

You might be someone who frequently utilizes nurse case managers and already know the numerous benefits they bring to workers’ compensation claims. Or maybe you’re someone who has considered using one but ultimately decided against it. Wherever you stand on the subject, nurse case managers provide clear and cost-effective assets in your workers’ compensation claims process. Here are a few reasons why we at Designed Living are grateful for the work done by nurse case managers.

  1. Nurse case managers can enhance doctor appointments.
    Having a nurse case manager attend a claimant’s doctor appointments can be a wonderful thing. They know the medical world much better than others, so they are able to keep an eye on things during doctor’s appointments to make sure everything is going well.
  2. Nurse case managers assist with the medical plan of action.
    Part of a nurse case manager’s job is to coordinate with DME equipment vendors and coordinators like Designed Living. With that, nurse case managers are the ones to decide what exactly patients need and who to get the proper medical supplies from. By having a designated nurse case manager, they can handle the financial aspect of making sure the patient is equipped with what they need.
  3. Nurse case managers help improve patients’ outcomes.
    In our opinion, the most important aspect of a nurse case manager’s job is to look out for the patient and try to improve their current state. They are the ones who decide which treatments will help the patient deal with their new stage of life that is catastrophic care. Because of this, nurse case managers are an extremely valuable asset to have around.

With people experiencing catastrophic accidents every day, the job of a nurse case managers is more important than ever before. That’s why Designed Living is so appreciative of the relationship we’ve established with multiple nurse case managers over the years. To learn more about how we work with nurse case managers, contact us at (949) 353-5400.


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